• Habitat Creation
    and Management

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Brushdale is a ‘one-stop shop’ serving the needs of Ecologists and Project Managers seeking a wide range of ecological mitigation across all of the UK.

Selective clearance of land areas to enable trial pits or boreholes to be undertaken.

Careful and sensitive clearance of brush, bramble, trees, vegetation and debris on sites using a range of methods safe to wildlife such as dormice, slow worms, grass snakes and newts to name just a few.

Supply and installation of bird and bat boxes.

Closure of badgers setts under licence and installation of badger fence.

Enhancement of habitat through pruning, seeding and planting to meet requirements of licences and planning conditions.

Enhancement of land to create receptor areas as part of translocation projects.

Creation of hibernacula and log piles.

Post and Rail Fence installation.

Creation of wildlife ponds which are lined and planted to meet ecological needs.

Ongoing maintenance and management of land areas which require such attention as part of planning conditions.

Supply and installation of all types and brands of reptile and amphibian fence as well as pitfall traps, refugia, gates and grids.

Maintenance and removal/disposal when redundant.

And anything else you are tasked to do before you can proceed safely with you project.



We get to you quickly when you are able to proceed. We turn up on time, get every job done really well and finish on time if not early. We do what we say we are going to do. We do not charge large sums if you need further help.

We take health and safety seriously maintaining our SMAS Worksafe accreditation through training and good management of our people. We care for nature but also your profitability and reputation.

We recognise that costs continue to be a concern for everyone and will discuss, agree and then source the best products for you. We can provide the full range of professional, recognised ecological products – not just one brand.

We are continually praised for the quality of our work which means that you will have few concerns during the lifetime of your project.



Aquatic Planting

Artificial Badger Sett Construction

Badger Fencing

Badger Sett Closure (and gates)

Bird Netting and Screening

Destructive Search

Flora Translocation

Great Crested Newt Fencing

Habitat Enhancement and Management

Hedgerow Clearance and Planting

Hedgerow Translocation

Hibernacula and Refugia Creation

Pond Creation, Lining, Draining and De-silting

Reptile Fencing

Scrub Removal and Disposal

Sensitive Vegetation Clearance

Silt Fencing

Stock Fencing

Tree Felling and Pollarding

Tree Protection Fencing

Vegetation Manipulation and Management

Water Vole Fencing

Wildflower and Grass Seeding

Woodland Management

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